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[SOLVED] Restore iPhone backup data after using iLEX Rat or SemiRestore

iTunes has always been a pain in the ass. Everyone knows it and will agree to this. Being on a jailbroken iPhone, every user will literally have sweat rolling down their brow when it comes to messing with their iPhone. I feel no differently.

itunes hate

My iPhone 4S had been sluggish for quite a while where used to take about 12-15 seconds to launch (If I was lucky in case it did not crash first), took anywhere between 12-15 seconds again.

I decided to finally restore my iPhone and it was a decision whether to do a SemiRestore or iLEX RAT. Both had their fair shares of raves and rants on Reddit and other forums. Even on YouTube, equal number of people kept recommending both of these softwares.  For the ease of use, iLEX Rat seemed to be the better option of the two and I decided to take the plunge

I backed up my iPhone on iCloud and on iTunes multiple times (you can never have enough backups) and I was sure that iTunes is going to screw me over.


I installed iLEX Rat via the Cydia repo and I was in for a slight surprise. I got a UI based interaction instead of the CLI based installer. I went for the CLI based steps anyway


The famous option 12 was what I chose and it did it’s magic and asked me to reboot to go back to ‘stock’, which again, did not fail me.

This is where the pain started. After rebooting, I got the Set Up Your iPhone screen and I went through the steps. On the last step, it asked me whether I’d like to set it up as a new iPhone, Restore from iTunes or Restore from iCloud. Realizing that my backup was ~10GB, I selected iTunes. I connected my iPhone and the process started.

Halfway in the restoration process, the progress bar seemed to be stuck and it was such for at least an hour. Tried changing USB cords, ports, rebooting, updating iTunes, etc. Nothing helped.


Finally, the last option was to restore from iCloud. So once I was in the phone in the above steps, I turned off Photostream (which takes the maximum amount of time for your iPhone to be restored) from

iLEX Rat’d once again and restored from iCloud and after about 2 hours, I was back up and running.

iLEX Rat does what it says: Bring you back to Jailbroken Stock mode. However, you will still feel the pain that iTunes causes and you are better off with restoring from iCloud. This is how you restore iTunes backup on to your jailbroken iPhone or iPod



1. iLEX Rat Restore your phone (Restore option in UI or option 12 in CLI mode)

2. Set up iPhone initially

3. Restore from iCloud

4. Get inside your phone

5. [Optional] Use OpenBackup to restore your repos, packages and settings