Boston Acoustics PRO 69F Speakers Review India

My wife and I drive the Hyundai Eon Sportz. Quite a nifty little hatchback which fits right in your pocket. The Sportz model comes pre-installed with a factory fitted 2-DIN audio system and it is quite basic. To pair up the music system, there are 2 front door speakers which lack bass, but are quite loud.

Here’s the Boston Acoustics PRO 69F Speakers Review India

Hyundai Eon 2DIN Music System

Hyundai Eon 2DIN Music System


We’ve owned this car for a year now and we decided to go for rear speakers to ‘pump it up’ a little. Not being the show-off’y sorts, we did not opt for an amplifier or a bass unit. A pair of good quality coaxial oval speakers did the trick for such a small car.


I’ve owned the JBL GTO 937 paired with a Pioneer 1-DIN audio system in my old Swift 2007 VXi model and they were brilliant!


I had a choice of going with either JBL CX-S697 for approximately Rs 4500 or go for the Boston Acoustics PRO 69F. After a little haggling with the owner of the shop and asking for recommendations around, it seemed like Boston is one of the ‘top brands’ that are coming up in India. So Boston it was!

Boston PRO 69F Review India

Boston PRO 69F Review India

These are regular 6″ Oval speakers with a built in tweeter, tiny sub woofer and a coaxial speaker. Power output was 400 RMS, which seemed a lot for such a tiny car

I got these speakers fit with a wood rear parcel-shelf with a proper cut out for the speakers and insisted that the technician connect these speakers behind the 2DIN set up instead of trimming a wire and connecting the rear speakers in parallel to the front speakers. If done otherwise (which is quite common in India), you will not be able to adjust the volume of the rear speakers.


The sound output was not as high as I thought it would considering that the factory fit audio system does not have a built-in amplifier that you get in the retrofit music systems. However, with the front speakers being so loud, the rear speakers do complement them and produce good quality sound. I would recommend going for these speakers if you have an after-market speaker system set up to really enjoy the output.

Some technical stuff:

Brand Boston Acoustics, PRO – 69F
Model PRO – 69F
Item Weight 3.8 Kg
Product Dimensions 43.8 x 27.7 x 12.6 cm
Item model number PRO – 69F
Additional Features Automotive Speaker, 12NC – 311531879750T


  • Woofer Size 6″ x 9″, Woofer Cone – Copolymer with surround foam,
  • Tweeter Size – 1″, Tweeter Cone – Titanium plating
  • RMS Power – 70W, Max. Power – 140W
  • Resonance Frequency – 52 Hz, Sensitividy – 90dB


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How to take full page screen shots on Mac OSX Mavericks

How to take full page screen shots on Mac OSX Mavericks


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